xxxHolic Final thoughts.

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  maru_moro_by_lorenachan3  Last week the first run of the series xxxHolic finished it’s American debut with the final volume’s release.  A highly entertaining series that was unconventional in it’s animation as well as it’s story telling.  The characters themselves were animated tall and willowy, which worked for Watanuki’s fits and spasms be they caused by spirits, Himawari or Domeki.  Some found it distracting and not fitting to the story, I found it fit very well with the story.  The art brought the manga to life.  The other unconventional aspect of the show were it’s fable-like episodes.  Each one was a story in and of itself.  There were no story arcs to speak of, and it seemed the Watanuki never really got the point of what Yuuko was trying to teach him until near the end (The same is true of the manga, but it takes a long time for him to realize the lessons as well.)  Through the whole series there are only two episodes that extend beyond their half-hour time frame.  This style allowed for easy viewing, either one right after the other, or one a night.  In all a very fulfilling series, hopefully FUNimation will pick up the other seasons that are currently on air in Japan.


Anime Purchases of the Week.

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comprimising situationIt goes with out saying on today of all days.  If you haven’t all ready, please, please go and vote, it’s important to be part of the process. 

    On with this week’s purchases.  This week seems to be a harbinger to what’s in store for the rest of the quarter, up to and including the busy Christmas season.  ADV starts things off this week with a couple of re-releases of previous titles, Saiyuki and MAPS being the most notable.  FUNimation offers up three Dragon Ball Z titles including a Blu-Ray disk.   The CG movie Vexille also makes it’s debut today, packing some of the best talent in the American dub industry.  All of the above give the politically weary otaku a break from election coverage. (Needless to say you should pay some attention to what’s going on around you.)

    One title of particular interest this week, The Familiar of Zero or Zero’s Familiar (depending on who you ask.)  A series that was produced by Geneon, but distributed by FUNimation.  The series itself was popular in Japan, and a great source of fan service.  The shows main character Louise has been featured in Megami magazine many times, as have other characters.  The release contains the whole series on 3 disks in a decently constructed box.  The series itself looks to be good, slightly clean fun.

Shikabane Hime

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In a rush to prevent illegal on-line fan-sub’s FUNimation snatched the series Shikabane Hime: AKA (Known in some circles as Corpse Princess) right off the production line in Japan.  The shows air date early in October is a joint effort between studio’s Feel and Gainax

    The tale centers around a young girl named Makina Hoshimura, also a shikabane (which is a fancy term in this series for corpse.)  Her primary job after being returned from the dead, eliminating those just like her, who through some strange process, have become just like her, only…well evil.  According to most of the plot summaries that I’ve read, our heroine has to slay 108 (One for each sin man is capable of committing, in Buddhism) fellow Shikabane in order to get to heaven.  She’s aided in her quest by a small secret society of Buddhist Monks and a mean pair of MAC-11 sub machine guns with a never ending supply of ammo.   The heroine’s choice of wardrobe, a sailor-fuku seems a little out of the ordinary for the type of job she has.  However, the logical side of my brain says, “well she’s already dead, so I guess it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, anyways, and she does spend a lot of time in the shower so I guess her outfit doesn’t get too funky.”  There is a fair amount of comedy in the series as well as action packed gun-slinging battles.  With only two episodes available for viewing on-line (sub only) it’s hard to pass a judgement on this series, it’s certainly something I’d watch (I’m a nut for the girls-with-guns genre) and for those who’ve seen the episodes, there’s a scene in episode two where a kindergarten shikabane deals with a local drunk that cracks me up the two times I’ve seen it  (So High!, So High!) 

Call me morbid, but that’s some funny stuff. 

The series is worth a look if you’re a fan of the girls-with-guns genre.

Fate stay/night, Fate/ stay night, Fate stay night/ ?

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Having purchased this Box Set quite some time ago, I’ve finally had the time to watch at least some of it.  To begin with I’m glad I purchased the box set, had I purchased this series as a regular 4 to 5 episode per DVD I would have quickly tired of it.  The first couple of episodes are very non-engaging, there was nothing in the characters or plot line to really capture my interest.  The set of supporting characters introduced in the first few episodes, Sakura Matou and Taiga Fujimura, are weak at their very best.  Not having done a lot of pre-research on the show I almost thought it was a combination between a fantasy drama and a harem anime.  Shirou Emiya, the main character at first seemed to have a little life and personality but through the rest of the introductory episodes it became apparent that he really didn’t.  His ideals are admirable, but that’s about it. 





The character Rin Tohsaka adds an interesting element to the show, at first as Shiro’s sworn enemy but as the series goes on, she turns into more of an ally, her personality certainly adds something to the one dimensional main characters.  Shiro’s servant, Sabre, at first glance seems as one dimensional as her master, but as the series go on we do find out that she does care for Shiro and better yet despises his “I’ll take care of it all, even if it kills me.” Attitude.  (Which instantly up-ed Saber’s cool points.) 

    Episode seven is where the show really begins to look like it’ll take promise, Saber disobeys her master, and heads out on her own.  (Again more cool points for her).  Perhaps there’s hope for Shiro’scharacter yet.  The character designs, back ground art and music certainly do fit the show.  I’m fond of the ending animation and theme.  The set itself comes in a nice cardboard box with three cases, containing two DVD’s each.  I’m very glad I bought this series as a set.  If I had to wait through almost three disks to get to any action I would have given this series up.

School Rumble: Second Semester

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I know in previous posts, I’ve gone on and on about how funny School Rumble   is.  Those who know the show know what I’m talking about.  Having finished the first seven episodes of the  Second Semester  It only further reinforced what I all ready knew.  It’s not often that I come to work, and say to co-workers, “I laughed so hard, I almost fell out of bed” and really mean it.  (I did almost fall off the bed which of course made me laugh that much harder.)  The episodes in question 5, 6 and 7.  The tea clubs rendition of a ‘hostess-club’, Class 2-C’s remaining men folk doing their best to put on a ‘Host-Club’ and Tennma’s problem with cake.  Those started the laughing fit.  The cooking in episode 6, and the part-time jobs in episode seven.  The ending scene when Nara and crew are heading back from the ‘forbidden-room’ at the video store absolutely classic. 

    I’m eagar to continue the rest of this series, which might, just might, take the place of Excel Sagaas my favorite Comedy anime. 

(Need a bigger helping, click on the image for full-sized fun)

Anime Purchases o’ the week.

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Unfortunatley this week is one that does not have any titles that interest me.  It’s okay though per a previous post I’m up to my ears in title’s this week.  One I didn’t mention in the previous post was xxxHolic #6  The series comes to an end with this disk and the hope that FUNimation will license the second season of the show.  The show continues in it’s one to two-part episodes.  Little stories and fables that fans of the manga will certainly delight in seeing come to life.  As of posting this, I have not finished the final volume yet.  I’m also am thinking about Black Lagoon, however I see a box set of both series coming in the future, and I’ll wait for that.  The next couple of weeks appear to be drought stricken with not title’s grabbing my interest. 







There is one title that comes out this week that I’m sure has the attention of every single fangirl in American Otakudom, a release that will be greeted by the collective sound of fangirls squealing at the top of their precious little lungs.

Ouran High School Host Club                                                                     

A show that I’ve reference before and even have satwith the English cast while cosplaying as the characters. A show that I’ve not even the slightest bit of interest in.  However I’ve a friend who was absolutely crazy about the show, and I hope that she does the right thing and buys the set. 



 Also as an apology for being gone so long I give unto you a little Halloween themed fan service.


Click for full figured fan service

Click for full figured fan service

Anime boxsets and why they’re good.

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    Many Otkau have discovered that a majority of the new releases that are coming out are coming out in box sets.  This has got to be the best thing to happen to Anime since it’s introduction onto DVD.  With thirteen or more episodes included on two disks, what more could any fanboy or girl ask for?  That’s almost 6 hours of anime goodness.  With the slew of titles out there in the past couple of weeks here’s what I’m working through right now.


School Rumble: 2nd Semester

 If you’ve never seen the show, you’re in for a treat, picking up where the first season left off  Tennma, Harima and the others continue in episodes that are even funnier than season before.  I watched some of the episodes on a plane, and got some odd looks when I burst out laughing at some of the scenes and antics.  This series is quickly rising up the list of my favorite shows.










Ghost Hunt 

Okay it’s about that time of year when people’s thoughts turn to ghosts,  spirits and spooky stuff.  This show kinda fits that bill.  A show that’s all about hunting ghosts and the young high school girl who gets mixed up in it all.  It’s really good, and unfortunately hasn’t got the decent press it should.  Another must see for anime fans.  (Watch it in the dark alone, it’s more fun that way!!!)




Okay not so much a box set per say, but a popular title none the less.  Right now I can’t say too much about it other than the packaging is really nice, and it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to watching it.












That’s it for now, a final note though  if you like to laugh and enjoy a good comedy watch School Rumble… you won’t regret it.