Anime Purchases o’ the week.

Well another week is upon us.  I’ve been crazy busy getting ready for my trip that leaves of all things tomorrow morning.  Anyone whose traveled a lot in their life knows that small amount of stress that accompanies such journeys.  The little nagging voice in the back of the head that keeps making you think that you forgot something, need something, or will forget something.  The best advice I have, ignore that voice, odds are whatever it is you forgot, unless it was the most important thing you needed, can easily be replaced. 

    It appears this week is a slow week with a scant few new titles, and mostly  box sets of previous releases that I either have no interest in, or already own.  So since I will be traveling across this great country from one end to the other for the next three weeks, I had to make the hard decision and figure out which anime I wanted to bring to keep me entertained during those long flights. 



  There’s nothing like watching a harem anime to help the hours on a cramped plane fly by.  This show has caused some derision amongst fans and the anime community as a whole, with some enjoying it, some, not so much.  I started this series when it first came out, began watching it and then stopped due to the fact that xxxHolic had come out right about the same time.  So I’ll be watching this series, getting it out of my system, and I’ll pass judgement on it later.  It’s based on a dating-sim game how bad could it be.




Shakugan no Shana

 Another series that I passed on during it’s first release.  Now that it’s out in boxed form, I quickly grabbed it up.  This is a really fun show, serious most of the time, but with just enough silliness and romantic tension to keep it from being to much doom and gloom.  The dub for this series is great Shana’s “Shut up, Shut up, Shut up!”line cracks me up and for some reason really fits with the character.  Another one I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching till the end.





That’s wraps it up for this week.  Next week the new Tsubasa volume comes out along with a slew of other titles to whet the appetite of any otaku out there.


~ by aoitenshi7769 on September 23, 2008.

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