Anime Purchases o’ the week.

Unfortunatley this week is one that does not have any titles that interest me.  It’s okay though per a previous post I’m up to my ears in title’s this week.  One I didn’t mention in the previous post was xxxHolic #6  The series comes to an end with this disk and the hope that FUNimation will license the second season of the show.  The show continues in it’s one to two-part episodes.  Little stories and fables that fans of the manga will certainly delight in seeing come to life.  As of posting this, I have not finished the final volume yet.  I’m also am thinking about Black Lagoon, however I see a box set of both series coming in the future, and I’ll wait for that.  The next couple of weeks appear to be drought stricken with not title’s grabbing my interest. 







There is one title that comes out this week that I’m sure has the attention of every single fangirl in American Otakudom, a release that will be greeted by the collective sound of fangirls squealing at the top of their precious little lungs.

Ouran High School Host Club                                                                     

A show that I’ve reference before and even have satwith the English cast while cosplaying as the characters. A show that I’ve not even the slightest bit of interest in.  However I’ve a friend who was absolutely crazy about the show, and I hope that she does the right thing and buys the set. 



 Also as an apology for being gone so long I give unto you a little Halloween themed fan service.


Click for full figured fan service

Click for full figured fan service


~ by aoitenshi7769 on October 28, 2008.

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