Fate stay/night, Fate/ stay night, Fate stay night/ ?

Having purchased this Box Set quite some time ago, I’ve finally had the time to watch at least some of it.  To begin with I’m glad I purchased the box set, had I purchased this series as a regular 4 to 5 episode per DVD I would have quickly tired of it.  The first couple of episodes are very non-engaging, there was nothing in the characters or plot line to really capture my interest.  The set of supporting characters introduced in the first few episodes, Sakura Matou and Taiga Fujimura, are weak at their very best.  Not having done a lot of pre-research on the show I almost thought it was a combination between a fantasy drama and a harem anime.  Shirou Emiya, the main character at first seemed to have a little life and personality but through the rest of the introductory episodes it became apparent that he really didn’t.  His ideals are admirable, but that’s about it. 





The character Rin Tohsaka adds an interesting element to the show, at first as Shiro’s sworn enemy but as the series goes on, she turns into more of an ally, her personality certainly adds something to the one dimensional main characters.  Shiro’s servant, Sabre, at first glance seems as one dimensional as her master, but as the series go on we do find out that she does care for Shiro and better yet despises his “I’ll take care of it all, even if it kills me.” Attitude.  (Which instantly up-ed Saber’s cool points.) 

    Episode seven is where the show really begins to look like it’ll take promise, Saber disobeys her master, and heads out on her own.  (Again more cool points for her).  Perhaps there’s hope for Shiro’scharacter yet.  The character designs, back ground art and music certainly do fit the show.  I’m fond of the ending animation and theme.  The set itself comes in a nice cardboard box with three cases, containing two DVD’s each.  I’m very glad I bought this series as a set.  If I had to wait through almost three disks to get to any action I would have given this series up.


~ by aoitenshi7769 on October 30, 2008.

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