Shikabane Hime

In a rush to prevent illegal on-line fan-sub’s FUNimation snatched the series Shikabane Hime: AKA (Known in some circles as Corpse Princess) right off the production line in Japan.  The shows air date early in October is a joint effort between studio’s Feel and Gainax

    The tale centers around a young girl named Makina Hoshimura, also a shikabane (which is a fancy term in this series for corpse.)  Her primary job after being returned from the dead, eliminating those just like her, who through some strange process, have become just like her, only…well evil.  According to most of the plot summaries that I’ve read, our heroine has to slay 108 (One for each sin man is capable of committing, in Buddhism) fellow Shikabane in order to get to heaven.  She’s aided in her quest by a small secret society of Buddhist Monks and a mean pair of MAC-11 sub machine guns with a never ending supply of ammo.   The heroine’s choice of wardrobe, a sailor-fuku seems a little out of the ordinary for the type of job she has.  However, the logical side of my brain says, “well she’s already dead, so I guess it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, anyways, and she does spend a lot of time in the shower so I guess her outfit doesn’t get too funky.”  There is a fair amount of comedy in the series as well as action packed gun-slinging battles.  With only two episodes available for viewing on-line (sub only) it’s hard to pass a judgement on this series, it’s certainly something I’d watch (I’m a nut for the girls-with-guns genre) and for those who’ve seen the episodes, there’s a scene in episode two where a kindergarten shikabane deals with a local drunk that cracks me up the two times I’ve seen it  (So High!, So High!) 

Call me morbid, but that’s some funny stuff. 

The series is worth a look if you’re a fan of the girls-with-guns genre.


~ by aoitenshi7769 on November 3, 2008.

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