Anime Purchases of the Week.

comprimising situationIt goes with out saying on today of all days.  If you haven’t all ready, please, please go and vote, it’s important to be part of the process. 

    On with this week’s purchases.  This week seems to be a harbinger to what’s in store for the rest of the quarter, up to and including the busy Christmas season.  ADV starts things off this week with a couple of re-releases of previous titles, Saiyuki and MAPS being the most notable.  FUNimation offers up three Dragon Ball Z titles including a Blu-Ray disk.   The CG movie Vexille also makes it’s debut today, packing some of the best talent in the American dub industry.  All of the above give the politically weary otaku a break from election coverage. (Needless to say you should pay some attention to what’s going on around you.)

    One title of particular interest this week, The Familiar of Zero or Zero’s Familiar (depending on who you ask.)  A series that was produced by Geneon, but distributed by FUNimation.  The series itself was popular in Japan, and a great source of fan service.  The shows main character Louise has been featured in Megami magazine many times, as have other characters.  The release contains the whole series on 3 disks in a decently constructed box.  The series itself looks to be good, slightly clean fun.


~ by aoitenshi7769 on November 4, 2008.

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