xxxHolic Final thoughts.

  maru_moro_by_lorenachan3  Last week the first run of the series xxxHolic finished it’s American debut with the final volume’s release.  A highly entertaining series that was unconventional in it’s animation as well as it’s story telling.  The characters themselves were animated tall and willowy, which worked for Watanuki’s fits and spasms be they caused by spirits, Himawari or Domeki.  Some found it distracting and not fitting to the story, I found it fit very well with the story.  The art brought the manga to life.  The other unconventional aspect of the show were it’s fable-like episodes.  Each one was a story in and of itself.  There were no story arcs to speak of, and it seemed the Watanuki never really got the point of what Yuuko was trying to teach him until near the end (The same is true of the manga, but it takes a long time for him to realize the lessons as well.)  Through the whole series there are only two episodes that extend beyond their half-hour time frame.  This style allowed for easy viewing, either one right after the other, or one a night.  In all a very fulfilling series, hopefully FUNimation will pick up the other seasons that are currently on air in Japan.


~ by aoitenshi7769 on November 5, 2008.

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