So I’m going to take a little inspiration from other sites that I’ve seen, and I’ll fill this out question and answer style…

What’s your blog about?

Anime and Cooking, as well as a little travel, pretty much all I do in my off time.

Okay who are you??

I’m Brandon, originally from Golden, Colorado, but I’ve lived in Chicago, Illinois, Meridian, Mississippi, and currently Pensacola, Florida, yup you guessed it, I’m in the military.

What are some of your hobbies??

I enjoy swimming, Aikido, Kendo, cooking, Anime and watching TV (Okay that last one’s not a hobby but I do spend a lot of time doing it.)

  How’d you get into Anime?

 Tenchi Muyo and Sailor Moon were my gateway animes back in the 90’s (I’m old school like that)  Soon after I found that I really had a passion for it.  Something about the artwork, storylines and the sheer exoticness of the stuff got me hooked, I’ve been a fan and collector ever since.  To date I have over 700 DVD’s and hundreds of title’s.  I’ve been to the 2008 Anime Expo and plan to return next year, as well as attened the New York Anime Festival.


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