Cosplay Profile’s Anime Expo ’08

Any visit to an anime convention is not complete with out taking pictures of, or speaking to those who cosplay.  Cosplay, a shortened version of Costume Play is the practice of dressing and sometimes acting as one’s favorite anime or video game character.  The practice has become so popular that most conventions will hold a special event just for the cosplayers; this will often take the form of a masquerade, or a competition complete with short skits to delight the thousands in attendance.  Their popularity is almost legendary at conventions with the best costumes attracting a heap of professional and amateur photographers, scenes that often remind one of Hollywood movie debuts when a famous actor or starlet appears wearing the latest in modern fashion.  At this year’s Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, I decided that I wanted to get to know the people who take the time, effort and expense to create their elaborate costumes.  What follows are just a handful of video interviews, and some of the more memorable pictures from this years convention.  I also want to personally thank all those who took the time to participate in the video interviews and also pose for pictures as well as indulge me and my incessant questions about their creations.  I admire the attention to detail, time and expense that each and every one of them took to make their creations; it’s certainly something I’m more suited to photographing and recording, rather than participating in.  As their privacy is something I take very seriously, I only asked a few questions:  Name or Alias (no last names were asked for, nor given) What character they were playing as, the cost and time it took to make their costume, if it was complete or a continuing work in progress, and finally where they came from. 


Name(s):  (From left)  Solitaire and Xpyne.

Character(s) Played:  (From Left)  Genjo Sanzo and Son Goku.

Anime:  Saiyuki.

Cost and Time:  

Genjo Sanzo $600 over a period of six months.

Son Goku $350 over a period of six to eight months.

This is a completed project both participants are from Orange County, California





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