A long awaited Homecoming…well sort of.

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It’s been a long while since I’ve sat and had time to write in this blog.  My work the past month or so has taken me all across this great country of ours.  I returned to my old stomping grounds in Colorado, with a trip to Grand Junction, just a few hours from my home town.  From there I traveled to San Diego, California.  Next a sojourn to San Francisco, California and finally a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas. 

    Each of these cities was wonderful in it’s own right.  I’ve been to San Diego before, and coming from a back-water burg like Pensacola, Florida it’s quite the treat to have so many of life’s modern convinces in one place, not to mention a slew of fine dining and anime releated goodies.  Even the views are spectacular.

    Then the venue changed to San Francisco, California.  For those who live there, I’m sure this is played out.  For those who have been you know what I’m talking about.  For those who’ve never been, put a visit to this city in your bucket list.  There’s not a lousy place to eat in the whole city, the weather is spectacular, the views are amazing and the sites are unforgettable. 

    There’s also the added benefit of not only a Chinatown area, but a few blocks to the west of Chinatown is a Japantown.  For Otaku in the know, Kinokuniya bookstore’s are a treasure trove of Anime goodness.  Artbooks, manga and study aids are just some of the goodies that one can find there.  I’ll admit it can be on the pricey side I managed to drop $200+ dollars in about half an hour of shopping.  Even just browsing can be a treat in and of itself. 

    Little Rock wasn’t without it’s own particular charms although I was very busy, starting next week we’ll be back to our regular scheduled programming.  There will be specials as I get the pictures and video from my trip up loaded.


Lucky Star update, well sort of.

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This story comes courtesy of Anime News Network.  For all the Lucky Star fans out there.  The trailer for the OVA is now available for viewing.  This is a little dated as the information came out on 26 August.

A link can be found here







Note: It’s all in Japanese, which is fine if you can read Japanese, but even if you don’t you can still get the general idea.

Anime Purchases o’ the week.

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Well another week is upon us.  I’ve been crazy busy getting ready for my trip that leaves of all things tomorrow morning.  Anyone whose traveled a lot in their life knows that small amount of stress that accompanies such journeys.  The little nagging voice in the back of the head that keeps making you think that you forgot something, need something, or will forget something.  The best advice I have, ignore that voice, odds are whatever it is you forgot, unless it was the most important thing you needed, can easily be replaced. 

    It appears this week is a slow week with a scant few new titles, and mostly  box sets of previous releases that I either have no interest in, or already own.  So since I will be traveling across this great country from one end to the other for the next three weeks, I had to make the hard decision and figure out which anime I wanted to bring to keep me entertained during those long flights. 



  There’s nothing like watching a harem anime to help the hours on a cramped plane fly by.  This show has caused some derision amongst fans and the anime community as a whole, with some enjoying it, some, not so much.  I started this series when it first came out, began watching it and then stopped due to the fact that xxxHolic had come out right about the same time.  So I’ll be watching this series, getting it out of my system, and I’ll pass judgement on it later.  It’s based on a dating-sim game how bad could it be.




Shakugan no Shana

 Another series that I passed on during it’s first release.  Now that it’s out in boxed form, I quickly grabbed it up.  This is a really fun show, serious most of the time, but with just enough silliness and romantic tension to keep it from being to much doom and gloom.  The dub for this series is great Shana’s “Shut up, Shut up, Shut up!”line cracks me up and for some reason really fits with the character.  Another one I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching till the end.





That’s wraps it up for this week.  Next week the new Tsubasa volume comes out along with a slew of other titles to whet the appetite of any otaku out there.

Technical Difficulties

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I seem to have my computer back for the time being.  Last week, on Tuesday the poor thing gave up the ghost due to an incompatible upgrade, after long and frustrating hours attempting to fix it, I finally got it working late last night.  Sorry no anime marathon theme, and no meal suggestions at their regularly scheduled times.  Rather you get it on Sunday late in the afternoon, but better late than never right?


Let’s get to it. 

Cooler temperatures, shorter days and changing leaves around most parts of the Northern hemisphere, the season of Fall is almost upon us.  The shorter days drive us inside, so this suggestion is one based off staying inside a little longer than one does in the summer.


A great starter, light story line in the beginning, and there’s enough tension in the plot to keep you going through it with out falling asleep.  There’s also the well known fact that during episode 4 the words ‘underpants’, and ‘underwear’ are spoken for a total of 115 times (This is in the dub version).  Another, less well known fact is, and believe me I was stunned when I heard it. One of the local radio stations here in Pensacola has Chi saying (again in English)  “Is it a good thing or a bad thing?” for their morning show promotional spot. 








Neo Ranga 

This is a series that I’ve found more people divided over than any I have in my collection.  I genuinely enjoyed this title.  This series gets into the nuts and bolts of “what if I got a giant machine/god that would do anything I want?”  and the reality of what others would do should such a thing come to pass.  The artwork for this series is a little older than that in Chobits so that in itself is enough to keep the viewer interested.  The story is compelling and makes for great viewing.



Finally we wrap up with Mushi-Shi

When I was writing this I found out that this is a live-action movie now.  Another great story line, great soft art work that is the perfect ending to this marathon session.  (Some episodes will actually cause a few people to fall asleep.)  Following Ginko as he travels across the land in search of the Mushi is enough to keep in viewer enraptured with the story.  This is perfect for watching after the sun has long set and the chill night sets in.






Menu Suggestions:

For Starters:  Lots of little hand held snacks:  Chips and dip, cookies, crakers and the like.

Main Course:  Depending on where you live and how cold it gets during this time of year.  There’s nothing better than a thick hearty stew or chili, out of the can or something you spent most of the day making will be appreciated by all your guests.

Desserts and Beverages: For desert, something like an apple pie or warm cinnamon roll will do the trick.  Coffee, Tea and Sodas are the usual drinks of choice.  For those craving a little alcohol, beer and warm full bodied red wines do the trick.  Cocktails can include, Long Island Iced teas or brandy based drinks would be welcome additions. 


That’s it for this week, again sorry it’s late.  Next week we’ll have a different feature as I begin to do some traveling for my job.  I’ll be revisiting the homeland in Grand Junction, Colorado.  From there I’ll be travelling to San Diego, California and finally San Francisco, California.  I’ll be sure to put as many pictures and video’s as I can as this otaku goes on a little road trip.


Anime Purchases o’ the Week.

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Another week is upon us, with summer quickly ending and the first cool day here on the Gulf Coast in a long time, it reminds me that now is a special time. A time when new television series begin to air, my Sundays are spent watching football on TV hoping that I’ll be able to see my team play a whole game.  This is also the time that anime distributors begin pushing out their new titles and wrapping up their older ones, all for the important fourth quarter earnings which include the Holiday season.  It’s also interesting to see that FUNimation is one of the two dominant anime distributors out there (the other being Bandai) having collected a number of popular titles from struggling companies ADV Films and Geneon, letting the companies finish the work on the titles and then distributing the title through their company.  FUNimation’s other innovation that will be introduced in their future title’s includes, multi-episode releases.  Gone will be the days of the single disk release with 4 episodes, that only contains 4 or 5 episodes.  Gone is the two month wait for the next disk.  FUNimation listened to it’s fans and came out with releases that have 13 episodes on them half a season every two months.  They also have instituted on some of their title’s something called ‘marathon play’ where the viewer can watch one opening, all the episodes and one ending, no more skipping though the ending and preview each time you watch a show.  Hopefully these changes will draw the industry out of it’s doldrums and back to the thriving niche that it once had. 

    It’s a really short list for the purchases this week. 

Fate/stay Night

A new fantasy epic with a summoning motif, that I’ve heard about for a while now, but was unable to purchase any of the DVD’s in a timely manner in order to complete the series.  That’s been solved with a handy thin pack that’s come out this week.  I look forward to watching it to see if it’s up to the hype that it’s received. 





A side note:  I’ve been having trouble getting many of the new box sets at my local retailer, maybe one day they’ll rearrange their plans to accommodate the greater influx of titles that are coming out.  However I’ve been able to get the ones I want on-line with no trouble at all.  Amazon.com and Rightstuf.com are my primary sources for anime purchases on line.  The shipping is timely and the items always arrive in pristine condition.

A trip back in time part II

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This was supposed to be included in the previous post, but in the interest of time I decided to put this in a new post along with Anime Purchases of the Week


Miyuki-chan in Wonderland (Mirrorland)

This was another title that added to the older OAV’s that I recently added to my collection.  Produced in 1995 this OAV is based off a manga that CLAMP based off of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland.  Instead of Alice, we have Miyuki (who has the same blue and white costume that most Alice in Wonderland Alice’s have.)  However the ‘animals’ are replaced by amorous women who all have a thing for Miyuki.  From the door mouse (who calls her boobs ‘knobs’ although I thought ‘knockers’ would have been more fun.)  To the S&M Queen of Hearts whose servants delight in the idea of being ‘punished’ by their domineering mistress.  The second installment is more of the same but it involves a chess game.  No explanation is given as to why the other characters are so attracted to Miyuki, but that really doesn’t interfere with an OVA that’s only 30 minutes long and mostly fun and fanservice.  The one gripe that I do have with the show is that it is subbed only, there is no dub track, I would have enjoyed hearing an English interpretation of Miyuki’smisadventures.  The artwork is classic early CLAMP which is a treat for the eyes with its easy colors and distinct characters, as with most early Anime OAV’s there is more than enough fanservice to go around.  For those who are looking for a bit of quick classic anime goodness, this is a good title.

A trip back in time.

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I spent most of the weekend painting the house, and working through the massive stack of titles that have come into my possession. 


Devil Hunter Yohko

It’s been a long while since I’ve seen an OVA.  Truth be told, it’s been a long while since any OVA was released.  Devil Hunter Yohko is reborn in a collectible DVD case from ADV Films.  It’s a handy single DVD case that contains three disks with two OVA’s each disk.  It’s a simple and economic design. the disks are a little hard to remove from the case though.  Extras are decent with a historical retrospective on the first disk with Matt Greenfield, David and Janice Williams.  The substance is a trip down memory lane for the trio, and seems to have been made before the troubles the company had earlier this year, the outlook is sadly very optimistic, although things seem to be on the up and up for the company recently.   As for the episodes themselves, they are a real treat for fans who remember watching short stint OVA’s when they first became more widely available, on VHS in speciality video or comic book stores.  I apologize for dating myself there.  It was a trip down memory lane for me as well, the classic painted cell art work, the gratuitous fanservice, and quick story development all offer a treat with out having to get to involved with the characters. With the exception of the first episode which is sub the others are dubed (I prefer the sub on this one, just a little more passion in the voice when Yohko talks about loosing her virginity, it makes me laugh.)

    For those of you who like to watch character development, and look forwards to more adventures, this collection isn’t for you, but if you want to see some early anime at in it’s finest OVA old scool format then this one’s for you.